For a limited time only, we are offering some specials this holiday season.  Happy Holiday to all.

GetOnNuts and bolts
off to a Max of $250
Website Maintenance

Jump start the New Year by saving money! If you need to make changes to your existing website, we'll take 25% off our standard rate. This offer applies to shopping cart, static sites, CMS sites like WordPress, CMSMS, etc..

To take advantage of our special rate,

  1. Call us or email us between Dec 15th and Jan 15th
  2. Secure your rate with a valid credit card
  3. Send your content and the information to access your site withing 30 days.

Act NOW!

* Minimum 1 hour of work to a maximum of 10 hours.  A valid credit card must be provided and will be charged once invoiced.

Up to $200
Website Development

Be the first of 5 to commission a new website or a website redesign in 2020 and save!  Choose from one of the following options:

  • A one time $200 donation made on your behalf to one of the following charities:
    • CNIB
    • Focus Canada
    • SPCA
    • The Children Hospital
    • The World Partnership Walk
    • Wildlife Rescue Association
  • A $150 cash rebate will be sent to you by EFT or Cheque

Act NOW!

* Applies to CMS and eCommerce sites only.